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13 Seer Condenser Units no longer being produced?

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As of 2015, EPAs new regional efficiency standards are going into affect for the AC market. (I know, you probably look like this :roll: ) At this time, the furnace side of things is on hold. So what does this mean? It means that if you live in the blue or yellow sections of the map below, as of now, you are required to buy a 14 SEER A/C or heat pump system, while those living in the green section of the map don't have to be as green. Northern states can still buy 13 SEER systems - at least for now.

One caveat to all of this is that the method that is being used to track whether you are cheating (bringing 13 SEER systems into the southern region) is going to be by the serial number of the unit- meaning that, by law, you can still buy a 13 SEER unit (or any unit) for your home as long as it was PRODUCED before the 2015 deadline! Knowing this, manufacturer's stockpiled as many units with a 2014 production date as they could! So if you live in the southern region, don't expect to have much trouble buying a 13 SEER AC system in 2015- but if your looking to "stick it" to the EPA- this is the year :idea:
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